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On the artist

I was born in Dijon in 1965.
In 1991, I graduated from University EHESS in Paris with a master degree in tropical geography and started off my career working for the European Commission in Brussels. This lead me to Africa where I supervised agricultural projects focusing on rural development research. There my artistic skills were awakened by the light, the atmosphere and people, so much so that it gave a new direction to my life.

In 1995, I left Africa for London and then for Switzerland where I joined my future husband (expatriated for a multinational), met in Senegal. I renounced to the world of science to concentrate myself on learning Arts and techniques of oil painting. As of 1997, I spent seven years in Czech Republic, where my work began to attract attention. It is there that I put together my first exhibitions. Then, came Lisbon (two years) and as of September 2006, I have settled in Kiev, Ukraine.

These countries, peoples, cultures and wealth have been a constant source of influence and inspiration for the colours, shapes and intensity spread out my painting.

I paint nature in all its beauty and man through his emotions, his actions and their consequences. I constantly elaborate new colours, generous and pure shapes to narrate life.

contact: corinne@corinne-le-cicle.com